Friday, October 26, 2007

Moving on up

Do you remember your first business card purchase? Well, I just made mine--finally. I'd rather call it my craft card, though. "Business" sounds so corporate. Although I can't say I actually made them.

While I've heard from a reliable source that her cards came out not exactly centered, I still went with VistaPrint for the price and ease of customization. The starting price is $9.99 if you use one of their stock background images; an extra $4.99 gets you a background of your own and another $3.99 gets you a blank back side (a back with VistaPrint advertising is free). Add shipping and it's over $20, but still cheaper and easier to use than other options I researched.

What do you think? Please tell me there isn't a typo.

This is just a crappy screenshot. Many thanks to the awesome Chris (who should write more in that blog) for the polka dot pattern I'm now using throughout the site and now in my promotions. He smartly based it off the fabric I've used in several items in my shop.

Speaking of my site: it's nearing completion, as is the correct CSS for this here blog. In fact, I think my next post will be in the new format. Once everything is launched, I hardly know what I"ll do with myself. Promoting the site and making new things will be the next step, I suppose. I'm thinking: apply to consign with Cut & Paste, submit my stuff to blogs and link exchanges. I'm interested in other suggestions, too.

Off I go!

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Sanity: I hear it's nice

So guys? Building a website is kind of difficult. Especially when you're learning as-you-go. Sure, you might have working knowledge of HTML and what makes a good website, but there's a whole lot more out there. W0wzer!

In case it's not clear, the above describes what I'm up to right now. Thankfully, Mellow Being comes to my rescue often. I'm not sure anyone is reading this right now, as my feed got borked and it took forever to figure out that it was the crappy old template I reverted back to upon first publishing via FTP.
  • To do: make sure Technorati stuff is updated; add subscription buttons back to sidebar
So all my webby energy has been spent in trying to make things work and look presentable. And in getting mad when things don't work and then giving poor Blog the old silent treatment just because of its association with the main site. It's not fair, I know. I've missed you, Blog. You look good, Blog. How are things? Do you still have that CD I lent you, blog?

Oh, ahem. Anyway.

This is all in addition to some major changes and new responsibilities at work, which are certainly affecting my energy and productivity levels after 5pm. Hell, it even made me turn down a happy hour yesterday. In the end, I'm sure most changes will end up as positives, as I'm dealing with them as they come. But what I should say is, this is another contributing factor to what seems like inactivity in haasomeville.

Well, is sort of "up" in construction mode. Mainly because I was tired of it not being up, and with being live, well you never know who might check out the main address.

Any similarities between this post and Julie Powell's writing is not intentional. Her style is just infectious--mostly a much cooler version of mine. Hi, Julie. I aspire to live like you. I finally read her book, and she said something (originally in her blog and quoted in the book) that really hits home. Not just for me, but for most people, I'd imagine. Anyone feeling...all down-trodden upon? (Oh, I love myself when I quote W/IFS). To paraphrase, she describes Julia Child's effect on her life like that of someone who has saved her from drowning. Not that I'm drowning, but don't we all live for those moments/people/things that make us go, "Yes, this is exactly what I should be doing with my life! I am totally here." Something about self-actualization. Or something.

Maybe I'll start with a cat and a dress pattern.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

[Temporary] New Look + Upcoming Website!

So I've been ramping up for my new upcoming website--hence the lack of posting and new, VERY PINK look. Also, you may have noticed that you've been redirected to Yay! My very own domain.

I've been forced to use a less-than-desired "classic template" by Blogger until I finish my own CSS. I'm a bit of a CSS newb (I know, I know...), so it's taking me a bit longer than average to get it all straightened out. Once the site IS up, you'll be sure to hear about it. And I'll of course welcome comments on look and usability. The homepage will be my shop, with links to this blog and other hopefully useful pages.

I have what looks to be a busy autumn so far! You know I love lists--hold onto your hats:
  • This week: super secret awesome surprise for the lovely Judi.
  • Finish website, and apply for Handmade Arcade by Sept. 1.
  • Sept. 1 and/or 2: Mellow Being and I hope to be vendors at Artists & Fleas.
  • Make a few new, extra nice things and apply for consignment at Cut + Paste before the craziness of the second half of September.
  • Sept. 16-19: [Work] Conference in New Orleans.
  • End of Sept/Beginning of Oct: PARIS.
  • Nov. 11-12: How awesome would it be to participate in Handmade Arcade??
  • Nov. 17: Turn 25. Woo!
Feels good to be present again. I have a few new posts up my sleeves in the midst of this CSSful month. Stay tuned...

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