Wednesday, December 05, 2007

When it rains... pours with projects!

Doing the Hearts & Crafts Affair was the best (and funnest and most champagne-drenched) thing I could've done lately to get myself busy with crafting again. While I only made a few new things for the fair, those new things sold well and have jump-started me in a nicely focused direction.

Wrist cuffs did very well, as did the utility/craft belts. So well that I was left with just one cuff and an order for a duplicate cuff. I plan on making a bigger batch of both soon. That's part one of my projects list.

Part two is another swap, for which I'm stumped on what to do for the person.

Part three is participation in an art collaboration project.

Part four is a stencil project.

Part five is 2 pairs of wristwarmers for a coworker's mom.

Part six is finishing the site.

All this is happening nearly simultaneously this month. AND I go away to Portland for work next week. What timing! Oh and I heard somewhere it's holiday season. Pa rum pa pum pum.

As for personal projects, they are on hold again. Those projects being skirts and a dress or two. And I would also like to tackle an inspiration board to hang near my desk or above my table. Because I'm a dork like that. Also, having a new addition to the household in the form of Josie the Cat is an excuse to try my hand at a little plushie toy.

All this while holding a pretty consuming day job. How do you people DO it? All in all, I do realize this busyness is a blessing--the most important thing to remember.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Ants in my pants

I think you'd be scared if you could see my Remember the Milk list for the site. Lots of nitpicky things, a lot of them brought on by reading a supergreat comprehensive article on about 50 tips to unclutter your blog, via Unclutterer (I know, I'm blogging about blogging about a blog). I think I'll be adding Skelliewag to my feed reader now, just looking at the latest posts--wow. Tips galore.

So by the time I come back from vacation--the reason I have ants in my pants--I will have my new cards and will have an idea for the Bookmark Swap I'm participating in. (Sign up by November 1!) A swap is the best thing ever. You:
  1. Get to make someone else's day
  2. Automatically get something new that you obviously have a passion for
  3. Contribute to the big picture, the craft community at large by reinforcing the bond among us (Yes, then we take over the world)
The perfect balance of some healthy selfishness and giving. Anymore reasons? I'm sure I'm missing some. This is perfect timing, due to my unhealthy book appetite as of late and need for new projects.

On my vacation, I plan to bring along my sketchbook and come up with designs for lino prints. And to keep my phone off for most of the time.

4 1/2 days!!

By the way, if you came here because I'm linking to your site: thank you, because you've been an inspiration in one way or another. And I just want to spread the word of your awesomeness.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

[Temporary] New Look + Upcoming Website!

So I've been ramping up for my new upcoming website--hence the lack of posting and new, VERY PINK look. Also, you may have noticed that you've been redirected to Yay! My very own domain.

I've been forced to use a less-than-desired "classic template" by Blogger until I finish my own CSS. I'm a bit of a CSS newb (I know, I know...), so it's taking me a bit longer than average to get it all straightened out. Once the site IS up, you'll be sure to hear about it. And I'll of course welcome comments on look and usability. The homepage will be my shop, with links to this blog and other hopefully useful pages.

I have what looks to be a busy autumn so far! You know I love lists--hold onto your hats:
  • This week: super secret awesome surprise for the lovely Judi.
  • Finish website, and apply for Handmade Arcade by Sept. 1.
  • Sept. 1 and/or 2: Mellow Being and I hope to be vendors at Artists & Fleas.
  • Make a few new, extra nice things and apply for consignment at Cut + Paste before the craziness of the second half of September.
  • Sept. 16-19: [Work] Conference in New Orleans.
  • End of Sept/Beginning of Oct: PARIS.
  • Nov. 11-12: How awesome would it be to participate in Handmade Arcade??
  • Nov. 17: Turn 25. Woo!
Feels good to be present again. I have a few new posts up my sleeves in the midst of this CSSful month. Stay tuned...

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

To do: Make a to-do list. How meta!

Upon suggestion from Mellow Being, here is a no-frills, to-do list post! Because I need a good kick in the ass and there are too many ideas floating around in my head and not enough motivation.

1. Jen's bag. Man, I'm horrible.
2. Printmaking: bookmarks, cards/note cards, prints. Buy paper and ink.
3. Purse for myself.
4. More aprons and bags. With more appliqu├ęs and embroidery.
5. Crop, etc. pictures of aprons for Etsy [and accompanying blog post]

There's more I'm sure. I think I need to branch out more...experiment more with designs. My stuff is really safe, I feel. I know I have more up there in my noggin. After a spate of hardly being home, this weekend should be good for a crafty lockdown. I can reward myself throughout with trips outside.

Including a trip to the American Crafts Festival at Lincoln Center. (The website pains me.) If that doesn't get the creativity flowing, I don't know what will. Watching the Food Network certainly won't.


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