Monday, October 06, 2008

Simplicity "Project Runway" patterns on sale

Happy Monday, fair sewers. While I'm not the first to post about the Project Runway-inspired patterns offered by Simplicity, I finally got around to buying some and they were on sale! $9.99 instead of $14.95+.

The following designs are going to keep me very busy:





There are a LOT of options, but I think I picked the best [wink].

It's been so long since I've sewn from a pattern; I think I'll have to spend some time reading tips on BurdaStyle. I know, I know...why was I so crazy as to pay for patterns rather than download some open source patterns? I'm usually so pro-open source. It was a combination of having my eye on these patterns for quite some time + not seeing anything I thought I'd look good in. Though, this doesn't mean I won't keep checking back for new patterns. And maybe something on Burda will grow on me.

Images from

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Monday, June 25, 2007


Apparently, I've gotten worse at updating this. The time between posts seems to have flown by! Jeez, what happened?

What have I been doing with my [crafty] life? Well I'll begin to tell you, starting with the most recent past.

This weekend I was a recluse--a happy one. I felt good on Sunday night as I went to bed, reflecting on the things I had accomplished or furthered along. Just me and my own company, some random TV, music and some text messages received throughout, reminding me of the outside world. This made me smile as I thought, "hoh hoh people, if you only knew what I was workin on!"

Since we all frigging love lists of accomplishments (and inevitable haasome-fashion mini pitfalls in parentheses), this weekend I:

- 85% completed a purse, only because I had to wait for fabric glue to dry. (Of course the glue sort of...made the spot on the felt where the glue was applied somewhat see-through. Maybe I'll glue more felt on top.)

- Cut out fabric for a new apron using with cute vintagey fabric scored from the Repro Depot booth at Renegade.

(Would've sewn more but I need more colors of thread. D'oh.)

- Turned my new Against Me! shirt into a girly fit tee, just taking in the sides a bit.

- Finally fixed a thrift store shirt to fit me, and already wore it today.

- Finished something for a swap. Probably shouldn't mention it here yet...

- Hung a print by The Black Apple, purchased at Renegade.

- Got some house stuff done. Installed new wall-mounted pot rack with some elbow grease and a regular screwdriver. Cleaned the dirtiest half of my bedroom floor and top of bookcases, made dusty by a superintendent mishap and never really thoroughly cleaned until now. Cleaned bathroom. I still have more to do but spurts are good.

Somewhere in there I jogged for a good while. Something tells me that starting to exercise again is helping. Now I have another busy couple of weeks coming up. I hope to accomplish some more stuff somehow, including cleaning the other half of my room & closet, buying more thread and finishing bags and aprons.

Up next (once I recharge my camera batteries), a post about the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair and the goodies I bought. Tally-ho.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Shop update!

Yay, I've crossed off yet another to-do item. The remaining aprons are now in my Etsy shop.

That was quite a delay, in between finding the time to take pictures (a lengthy process when you're modeling the stuff yourself AND acting as photographer--thanks self-timer function), cropping and posting.

Check 'em out, refer a crafty friend, add me to your favorites and I'll return the favor :)

I've got a lot more up my sleeve, thanks to a good trip to Rag Shop in Jersey this weekend. Keep checking back!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Reprezenting in New Orleans

I mainly want to talk about being in New Orleans and how I'm loving it thus far, but a quick crafty update first.

I'm really excited about the aprons I've made. They're flipping adorable and I can't wait to make more. Especially some that are more crafty-tool belt-type. With some block prints on them and/or embroidery. Although I bitched about making bias tape, I have to admit that the final product is just so much cooler than it would have been using boring, monochromatic store-bought tape.

I am a bit annoyed with myself because I didn't get any prints made. I've bought some of the necessary tools at least and have sketches done. I probably would've gotten some done if I had a printer and Photoshop at home.

Apparently I've been commissioned to make t-shirts for my coworkers for a conference (again in New Orleans) in September. That should be fun.

Okay so New Orleans is great. I've finally had raw oysters, gumbo and a po' boy. Saw lots of strip clubs and sex shops on Bourbon Street. Some guy sang into a bucket for a coworker. We've eaten at Cafe du Monde already. Amazing coffee (while I loved the beignets, too, but they were nothing new to me. Same exact thing as zeppoles and funnel cake).

Still on the agenda: an Imax movie about the formation of New Orleans by a hurricane in prehistoric times. Oh boy oh boy. The geek in me is too excited. Also, a steamboat ride. Eating at Nola. And more exploring in general.

Not to brag, but it's going to be about 80 degrees this week. Time to get to bed. I have an early an busy day tomorrow!

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Production mode

So what else is there to talk about besides the SNOW in New York today? Big chunks, too. I just...sigh. Where's spring?

Let's talk about making things instead. As the title of this post says, I am in production mode. This means traipsing fabric scraps across the apartment, my fabric storage bins down from the cabinets above my closet, and the tabletop ironing board taking over the bar-height portion of my kitchen counter. How come? I'm trying to get some more stuff done before the Big Art Show.

Update on the list I made in the previous post: printmaking is to be done this weekend rather than during the week and instead of making more bags, I'm working on aprons. I really would like to make a tote bag or two but I've still got three to sell. But hey, I'm getting closer to crossing stuff off the list!

The fabrics have all been cut for the aprons:

Here's a close-up of my favorite. It's so kitschy-kitchen:

It reminds me of my Pennsylvania Dutch heritage, and the trips to the Kutztown Pennsylvania German Festival my mom would drag us on. Represent! Something about the colors and the tulips in the fabric reminds me of hex signs.

And let me just say that making bias tape is not my favorite activity. If I ever become craftily rich and famous, I would consider paying someone to cut and press fabric for me.

Craft/art-making days left before day of show, including tonight: 5. Why? I'll be in New Orleans from 4/10 to 4/13. Eek!

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Woops of the day

So today I said to myself, "Hey why don't you make a snazzy belt for that plain, black dress with no waist that you want to wear tonight with those amazing new shoes? One that'll stay in place despite the lack of belt loops?"

After rummaging through my fabric stash, a light bulb went off when I pulled out the mint green, buttery-soft vinyl.

When I was finally done agonizing over its measurements, I slapped some iron-on velcro in the appropriate spots and was finished. Simple, eh?

But, OH CRAP: I accidentally used my iron straight on my newly de-virginized cutting mat! I craptastically did a touch up ironing without putting my table top ironing board back underneath the work. Now I got me a couple of iron impressions in the mat:

So I'm reminded once again: "Simple" doesn't really ever exist for me.

I was too miffed to try to iron it back out. Will probably try tomorrow. More disappointment came tonight, in the form of a sudden major lack of plans. So the culprit belt (or the fantastic shoes) won't even be worn as intended. Ah well.

At least I'm back on this blog. I think the craft world needs to hear more from the non-superstar crafter world. Where things don't go as planned and online stores slump and countless hours are spent oohing and ahhing at other crafters. Plus I need a kick in the ass, motivation-wise. I hope this helps more of the myriad ideas in my head reach fruition.

Now, on to tortellini and beer!

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