Thursday, September 25, 2008

On: Being My Best

Hello out there, if anyone is reading anymore. I've taken such a long break from working on my site and writing in this blog. Call it creative fatigue.

But oh, I am back! I've finished redesigning my blog, and am almost done with my site as a whole. I've got new ideas (making stationery! lunch totes!) and was about to write here today, when I read the following Skelliewag post in my feed reader:

Be the Best, Be Discovered

Here's a snippet:

"If you create something that is as completely awesome as you can make it, other people will see that awesomeness...

...I want to suggest that a truly successful blogger will mainly concern themselves with churning out as much incredible content as they can, day in, day out. And you should do it even if you’re pretty certain the only people reading your blog are your mother and your boss."

I hope someone finds this helpful, and that you subscribe to or choose to follow Skellie. You'll be much more fulfilled if you do.

What perfect timing. I know what I've been doing wrong, and why I fell away from blogging for such a long time. I need to stop thinking about what I should write, and think about what I would like to find in a blog that makes me go, "Ooh! Great post." So simple & obvious, maybe too obvious and that's why I missed it?

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Unplanned hiatus

Yes, this blog still exists! And I plan on writing here more often and finishing my shop this spring. I've had the busiest few months here in Haasomeland and have taken a bit of an internet break. Not that I haven't continued to read blogs, but I've greatly cut down on them and have used the time to focus on other areas of my life and to help me reconsider the kind of crafty person I want to be.

And that person is: more organized and focused; more disciplined; more selective and refined; and more vocal and expressive. Haasome's gonna be bigger and badder.

First, that requires moving into a new apartment later this month. Rebudgeting. Rethinking how and with whom I spend my time. Then I get a nice kick start by participating in another Hearts & Crafts Affair in Greenpoint in May. Nothing gets me going like a deadline and with my refound sensibility, I think I'll come out of April with a lot of great new stuff.

I've hesitated so much coming back here to write, fearing I'd look like an unproductive slacker who keeps promising she'll do things. Then I remembered that I wanted this blog to be about just that: misadventures and imperfection and addressing the more-common-than-normally-talked-about time when the creative well dries out or you lose the bucket or you just don't have the time because you don't have the luxury of making crafting anything other than a glorified hobby. All while still celebrating awesome craftyness and the part of me that will never ever go away.

Plus I keep thinking about a couple crafty tattoos but DAMN my fear of needles...

Stay tuned; I promise I'll be back!

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Monday, June 25, 2007


Apparently, I've gotten worse at updating this. The time between posts seems to have flown by! Jeez, what happened?

What have I been doing with my [crafty] life? Well I'll begin to tell you, starting with the most recent past.

This weekend I was a recluse--a happy one. I felt good on Sunday night as I went to bed, reflecting on the things I had accomplished or furthered along. Just me and my own company, some random TV, music and some text messages received throughout, reminding me of the outside world. This made me smile as I thought, "hoh hoh people, if you only knew what I was workin on!"

Since we all frigging love lists of accomplishments (and inevitable haasome-fashion mini pitfalls in parentheses), this weekend I:

- 85% completed a purse, only because I had to wait for fabric glue to dry. (Of course the glue sort of...made the spot on the felt where the glue was applied somewhat see-through. Maybe I'll glue more felt on top.)

- Cut out fabric for a new apron using with cute vintagey fabric scored from the Repro Depot booth at Renegade.

(Would've sewn more but I need more colors of thread. D'oh.)

- Turned my new Against Me! shirt into a girly fit tee, just taking in the sides a bit.

- Finally fixed a thrift store shirt to fit me, and already wore it today.

- Finished something for a swap. Probably shouldn't mention it here yet...

- Hung a print by The Black Apple, purchased at Renegade.

- Got some house stuff done. Installed new wall-mounted pot rack with some elbow grease and a regular screwdriver. Cleaned the dirtiest half of my bedroom floor and top of bookcases, made dusty by a superintendent mishap and never really thoroughly cleaned until now. Cleaned bathroom. I still have more to do but spurts are good.

Somewhere in there I jogged for a good while. Something tells me that starting to exercise again is helping. Now I have another busy couple of weeks coming up. I hope to accomplish some more stuff somehow, including cleaning the other half of my room & closet, buying more thread and finishing bags and aprons.

Up next (once I recharge my camera batteries), a post about the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair and the goodies I bought. Tally-ho.

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