Monday, May 28, 2007

A Saturday adventure with Haasome & Mellow Being

What do Haasome and Mellow Being do when they hang out? Usually something craft-related, of course. Bear with me as I catch up with myself here.

Last Saturday the 26th, we were on a mission. Yarn! High-end crafts shopping! As much time outdoors as possible! And dinner. That ever-elusive dinner plan.

Every year, Smiley's Yarns of Queens has a couple big sales (Yarn Riots). Not only that, but spend $25 and get some hilariously outdated pattern books. Smiley's is no-frills, tote-your-items-in-a-laundry-basket, bargain shopping. My only qualm is that they have a limited cotton selection and a little too much Red Heart and Lion Brand. But hey, their M.O. is cheap and simple. And it's not like Mellow and I left with nothing:

Mellow Being's colorful cotton stash

My yarn; all for a cute nightie that I want to start now in order to have ready for the cooler months.

It's definitely worth the trek on the J/Z; more so if you like wool and/or go during the sale. After a lunch break for me, we headed back in Mellow's car to her house for a frozen watermelon pit stop.

Then we were off to afore-mentioned American Crafts Festival at Lincoln Center. Seems we missed the alpaca(s), but we got to see a whole lotta high-end products from real masters. Set beautifully to mostly live classical music, we saw tons of beautiful jewelry, furniture, sculpture, bags and clothing. We didn't even want to guess how much it cost to have a spot at this juried event. We couldn't resist picking up an item each:

Mellow Being's polymer clay earring. I neglected to get the designer's card--perhaps Jen can comment with the info?

And I bought a Tesage Tote designed by Yukiko Sato:
The best part: a purse organizer. A drawstring bag for all your stuff, which makes it easy to switch from bag to bag. The purse is so comfortable to wear!

After mulling around the area and Columbus Circle, we finally landed at an adequate Mexican restaurant on 49th-ish for dinner. All in all, a lot of walking and an inspiring day. Naturally, I rested all day Sunday, but was back to work on Monday.

Details about Monday and Jen's completed bag coming soon, as well as an Etsy update this afternoon.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wow, how'd they DO that?

I've had a really busy week or so but I hate having delayed writing here. Man, I'm also really behind on my blogs. Lifehacker, Gothamist and Apartment Therapy, specifically. I'm good on the one-post-a-dayers and rely on their great photographs and writing at the end of a long day (they're on my sidebar in case you're wondering).

Anyway, I finally got around to seeing the Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting exhibit at the Museum of Arts & Design this past Sunday. I'm certainly not the first to blog about this, but wanted to urge you, fair reader, to go when you get a chance. It runs for another three months (scary to think that JUNE is only three months away already!) I wish I had posted this earlier this week, since MAD is pay-what-you-wish on Thursdays between 6 and 8pm.

I was amazed at how far you can stretch the definitions of "lace" and "knitting"--in terms of material, form and size. And meaning. How inspiring is it to see one of your crafts that you feel can be so ordinary and simple--taken for granted, even--stretched by the imagination and pushed to new limits. And instead of feeling "one-upped" and quite plain in comparison, you're a little pleasantly envious and practically elated to see your craft being shown off for all its possibilities.

Here are a couple favorites. Photography wasn't allowed so I'm borrowing from the MAD website.

Janet Echelman, The Expanding Club

Freddie Robins, Craft Kills

Turns out, my NYU silkscreening teacher had some work there! Apparently she's a Jack of All Trades--check out her website for the rest of her awesome work, It always baffles me as to how one gets noticed as an artist or crafter. I had no idea she's so dang prolific. And there I was, embarassing myself in her class a couple years ago. Sigh!

Finally, it's list time...

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's not too late to knit, is it?

Like most knitters out there, I'm scrambling to finish up a wintery project before the weather gets TOO nice. Yes, it was in the 50s this weekend, but I WILL finish this soon:

A diagonally ribbed neckwarmer to be closed with 2 buttons of my favorite color, turquoise (thank you, Bucket O' Buttons). Why not a whole scarf? Sometimes I don't want to drag around a long and/or bulky scarf. Winter accessories annoy me. Sometimes I just want to keep the wind out on a not-so-horribly-freezing day.

This is a re-do of
a K5P2 piece. That ribbing was too stretchy and didn't stay up very well. It also didn't feel quite thick and effective enough. So I said, "Eff this," and found the diagonal ribbing idea when I got home from wearing it the one day it survived. Here's what's left of it, as the new one is gobbling it up fast.

More yarn = more coverage. I'm only about halfway done, yet 3/4 the way through the yarn used for Version 1.0. That's fine with me. Supporting Manos del Uruguay yarn is well worth it. So far I'm liking the weight of this pattern, and really like the interest and texture that the diagonal ribbing adds.

Sidenote: I only knit with cotton (or mostly cotton) yarn. No, I'm certainly no Vegan or snob; wool makes me itch--the wool in my price range, that is. I'm also slower than I'd like to be and sometimes forget I've stopped knitting to gawk at the Barefoot Contessa on TV. My food show addictions are a whole 'nother post.


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