Thursday, July 12, 2007

Time to be informative

Since I've been too preoccupied lately to write anything creative here, I thought I'd pass along a really helpful article referred to me by Mellow Being.

The details of copyright have always managed to escape me. While I know it's "totally not cool" to copy someone else's work and make profit off of it, or generally even copy and distribute, I never really felt like I understood just what the heck it is.

Like this article reminds us, bloggers and crafters (and craftybloggers) have a certain responsibility to respect each other and the content they come across. While I tend to agree that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, sometimes it goes too far. I have yet to reach the level of "ooh I should copy that girl's stuff" but I can't imagine how violated I would feel if I did. Not to mention it's just plain illegal. Ask Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching how much it sucks! If memory serves me correctly, a major discount department store sold clothing with her designs on them, sans permission.

Reminds me of the latter half of an earlier post concerning Todd Goldman. Fun.

Anyway, fellow crafty bloggy types, read up and protect yourselves and others!

Link: Copyright Explained: I May Copy It, Right?

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm still alive: Fame and Disgust

I'm back for a moment! Work has zapped me of energy lately, hence the lack of posts in a long, long time. It looks to be calming down now, however, so I'm ready to come out of the stress-induced fog and get cracking. It might be harder than I would like to get out of this slump of inactivity. I noticed that updating this blog helps, so here goes.

Update One: I experienced a bit of Etsy fame last night. Ch-ch-check it out:

Etsy features a different Treasury list every so often, and my mint green tote bag happened to be on this list. No sale, but I got a crazy amount of views and about 20 more people added my shop as a "Favorite". Some lingering Etsy bugs caused me to lose those who "favorited" the bag itself. Le sigh. Thanks to Mellow Being, who alerted me of this and sent the picture. I saw the page in time before it changed--it was really cool to see my bag up there!

I wish my aprons would take pictures of themselves. I need to work up the motivation in the morning before work (and coffee) to take some when there's adequate sunlight. I should make some more, as they make great Mother's Day gifts.

Update Two: Also, I wanted to feature an issue that's really bothering me, brought to my attention via Boing Boing. Todd Goldman, creator of the t-shirt company David & Goliath, is being accused of stealing other artists' ideas and selling them as his own.

Check out the following webpage dedicated to the issue. Pretty unbelievable how Goldman isn't even trying in some instances. No one can say they've never been influenced by another artist's work, but come on! Don't be a jerk; check out licensing before making a derivative work. I know I'll never buy one of his shirts. You shouldn't either, unless you enjoy the idea of someone stealing your ideas and selling them for over $4,000.

Here's one of the Boing Boing articles about it.

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